PE, Sport and Swimming

At Briary we seek to develop both the skills and the attitude necessary to maximise children’s enjoyment of physical activity. We aim

  • To provide opportunity for enjoyable physical activity
  • To help develop physical confidence, competence and skill
  • To promote understanding and adoption of the values of fair play and honesty
  • To provide opportunities for co-operation
  • To promote the health and leisure benefits of exercise

Children take part in a programme designed with progression in mind, featuring all aspects of the PE curriculum. The study of gymnastics, dance and swimming is balanced with a wide range of competitive team games and athletics.

Many children are able to put these skills and knowledge into practice as they represent the school in various sporting activities, such as football, netball, cricket, rugby and hockey. Briary has known a great deal of sporting success in the locality. Regardless of sporting ability, all children are encouraged to attend one of the many after-school clubs, which provide fun as well as opportunities for improvement. 

The school has impressive resources which help to enable this provision take place. Two large halls, two fields and plenty of hard surface area, give children the space to enjoy physical activity to the full. The School also benefits from close links with Canterbury City Council and Herne Bay High School, our sports partnership link.


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