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An Overview

An Overview of Learning at Briary

The curriculum is everything which influences children in school, including those things which aren’t planned and those things which we can only sense. It’s for this reason we hope that when you come to Briary School you will feel a friendly and purposeful atmosphere. Children won’t learn unless they feel happy, secure and successful; they will only do their best if they are committed and involved. So we try to use the children’s natural curiosity and interest. We recognise that current Government Policy means that reading, writing and maths are the areas used to judge the performance of schools. We have reorganised and re-timetabled our school curriculum to ensure we are in accordance with this. Ensuring a secure foundation in these key skills is our prime aim

At Briary, we pride ourselves on our broad and balanced curriculum and always try to enrich the children’s learning with meaningful and inspiring experiences. Quite often our ‘topics’ will begin with or culminate in an educational visit, workshop, class performance or exhibition of work. 

The Power of Reading, which is at the heart of our English teaching, is also linked, where possible, to the topics being studied. Titles have been selected and matched to topics. 

Finally, the school will promote fundamental British Values which sit alongside our School Values. All year groups and classes will elect representatives for the School Council and see democracy in action, thereby giving the children a voice in decisions made for the good of the school. Children in Year 6 will have the opportunity to learn more about the history of democracy in England when they visit the Houses of Parliament  or have a visit from the local MP to talk about his role and day to day work.

Please do contact any member of the Senior Leadership team if you would like any further information