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Lunches and Healthy Eating

School Dinner Menu


Briary School has its own kitchen which provides midday meals. Children are encouraged to eat their food, but never forced. The children are helped in the dining room and on the playground by midday supervisors. Each class has their own supervisor for the whole of the school year. She will know each child by name and will maintain a close working relationship with the children’s teacher. We help to teach children good table manners. The younger children have their lunches before the older ones.

School dinners cost £2.40 per day, and must be paid for in advance via our Arbor system

The weekly Bulletin advertises which Week the Menu is on.

Some parents prefer to give their children packed lunches. Lunch boxes must be named. Crisps are only allowed as part of the packed lunch; sweets are not allowed in school at all. Please do not include bottles or cans of fizzy drinks, since these things can make quite a mess! The Change 4 Life website has a wealth of ideas for healthy lunches for all ages, click the logo to find out more:

Children whose parents receive Income Support or income based Job Seekers Allowance, or Child Tax Credit (WITHOUT Working Tax Credit) may be entitled to free school meals. No distinction is made between those children whose parents pay and those who do not. Please contact the school office for the necessary forms and for confidential advice.


We have made the decision that Briary Primary School is a Nut Free School due to the fact that some of our pupils have severe, life-threatening allergies to nuts including:-

Peanut Butter
Nutella and other chocolate spreads

Sesame seeds
Nut Oils
Nut flavourings etc.
Body lotions, shampoos etc. containing any nuts

Touching, smelling or eating any of these items may provoke a severe allergic reaction.

Therefore, for the safety of these pupils we have asked all our parents not to send any food containing these items to school.

We do understand this can be problematic, but do thank all our parents and staff for their understanding and co-operation in this matter.

Healthy Eating

We are very keen to do what we can to encourage children to eat healthy diets and take regular exercise. We provide all our Early Years and Middle Years children with mid-morning fruit. All children will also be provided with a water bottle at the beginning of the academic year, which they can use during the day and then take home to be washed for the next day (Thanks to the Friends of Briary).

 Milk is available to all children through the Cool Milk scheme.