Science & Technology


We aim to ensure that through science, children will extend their knowledge and understanding of the natural and physical world in which they live. it is hoped that, through their work in science, the children will develop a fascination and respect for our natural world.

The National Curriculum for science aims to ensure that all children experience every topic, and build upon their knowledge and skills as they progress through the school. The children will be provided with regular opportunities to work scientifically whilst experiencing a range of practical investigations. The children will also learn about science in history, investigating the work of important scientists.

It is expected that these skills will develop the children's ability to communicate original ideas and to work in partnership with others as well as developing an awareness of associated health and safety issues.

The teaching of science allows for regular links with other subjects, for example, healthy eating will be examinedin PSHE as well as in biology.

The topics covered each year are shown on each year group's curriculum map.


We aim for our children to be digital creators, effective communicators and responsible citizens. We recognise the importance of computing as a lifelong learning tool and key skill in an ever-evolving digital world.


Computing is taught in a variety of ways at Briary; specific skills are taught during dedicated lessons using our suite of desktop computers or tablets. 

Through the programme of study for computing, the children will learn how computers and computer systems work; they will design and build their own programs; develop their ideas using technology and create a range of content.

Teaching also takes place using a cross-curricular approach through our topics of study. This allows children to transfer their skills and use technology for a real purpose, using computing as an important component of their learning which is linked to the real world. 

Embedded into all of our Computing teaching is E-Safety, meaning that pupils have the knowledge, skills and understanding to be safe and responsible online.




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