Music at Briary

Music has a high profile at Briary and a fine music tradition that goes back many years. Our aim is to introduce children to a wide range of musical experiences that we hope may well remain with them for life. There are opportunities for listening, performing, composing and evaluating within class lessons but also through extra curricular activities.

At Briary, we are fortunate to have a well equipped music room where the resources are stored next door and music lessons can take place. Class lessons take place here, in classrooms and in the new hall as instruments, teacher resource books and CDs are easily accessible. Posters and music vocabulary are displayed encouraging children and staff to use the correct terminology.

Instrumental Tuition

Like many schools peripatetic teachers visit on a weekly basis to provide instrumental lessons. Lessons are launched with an annual demo to the school and interested children receive further information including costs. Support at home and regular practise is essential. In addition, as some lessons clash with curriculum teaching time (usually afternoon) where possible, we rotate lists so children do not miss the same subject each week. Guitar and recorder are the most popular with the older children and grouped lessons keep the cost down.

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