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Music at Briary

At Briary School, we believe that the role of the Arts is not just to promote creativity within each and every child; we recognise the power that music, art and drama can have in nurturing a child’s self-confidence, individuality and expression of their emotions. By offering children a rich and diverse music curriculum, we know we will be developing children who have the perseverance to keep practicing their craft; kind and caring pupils who can work collaboratively with each other and are not afraid to take on new experiences with confidence in their own ability to try their best.


Music Skills Progression Map

Music Long Term Plan

Instrumental Tuition

Like many schools peripatetic teachers visit on a weekly basis to provide instrumental lessons. Lessons are launched with an annual demo to the school and interested children receive further information including costs. Support at home and regular practice is essential. In addition, as some lessons clash with curriculum teaching time (usually afternoon) where possible, we rotate lists so children do not miss the same subject each week. Guitar and drums are the most popular with the older children and grouped lessons keep the cost down.