Parent Forum

The purpose of the forum is to have a group of parents who are willing to meet once a term to discuss issues affecting school life. These parents are happy to be approached with any concerns or queries you may have and will take them forward to discuss at the forum. In the same way, the leadership team will also approach the forum reps to bring things to your attention and consideration.

We are hoping that it will develop to be an equivalent of the School Council, which we run with the pupils.  To give you an example of things that may be discussed by the forum, so far we have talked mostly about school uniform and timings of the school day. If you have a concern about your child, or any other individual matter, please contact the school in the usual way, either by speaking to the class teacher or a member of the leadership team, or by calling in at the office.

Minutes of Meetings

16th May 2018

11th January 2018

17th May 2017

27th April 2016

23rd September 2015

15th May 2015

School Crossing Patrol

As discussed at the last Parent Forum meeting a petition has been set up to reinstate Briary School crossing patrol. Please click on the link below and support our petition.

Thank you

Year       Class                                      Represenative

R             Marmaduke                       Vicky Evans

R             Elmer                                    Michelle Rowan/ Zoe Dordoy

1              Jeffers                                  Jemila Dodge

1              Donaldson                          vacancy

2              Carle                                      vacancy

2              Ahlberg                                Sarah Zinzan

3              Lowry                                    Rachel Brooks

3              Picasso                                 Becky Thorpe

4              Riley                                      Sarah Zinzan

4              Morris                                   Paula Bird

5              Curie                                     Emma Boraston

5              Newton                                Leanne Munday

6              Franklin                                Jo Brett

6              Darwin                                  Leanne Munday


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