In the Foundation Stage, children work towards the Early Learning Goals and explore mathematical concepts in informal ways; learning through play, investigation and exploration. Next the children build on their knowledge of basic mathematical concepts using practical methods and begin to record their findings.

For all children, the daily numeracy lesson is planned to accommodate the individual needs of the children and is pitched at a level suitable to enable the progression of all groups of learners. Children may be grouped with children of similar ability for mathematics, where this is felt necessary, so that children can be taught at a pace that is appropriate to their level of understanding.

All pupils are taught to:-

  • have an awareness of numbers and how they are applied in real life contexts
  • recall number bonds, multiplication tables, doubles and halves with increasing speed and accuracy
  • complete accurate calculations both on paper and mentally
  • understand number problems, apply them to real life problems, and recognise the mathematical operations required to solve them
  • use strategies for checking their own answers prior to teacher marking
  • explain their calculations using correct mathematical vocabulary
  • draw, explain and make predictions from graphs, charts and tables
  • recognise and investigate the mathematics of two and three dimensional shapes

The National Curriculum places increased emphasis on children’s ability to reason mathematically and to problem solve by applying their understanding. With this in mind, we have placed problem solving at the heart of our curriculum by fully embracing SPEAR Maths. This is a simple but effective framework, which promotes problem solving and investigational skills, helping children to become independent and enthusiastic learners.

In order for our pupils to enjoy and succeed in Mathematics, it is important to build a close partnership between school-based teaching and parental support. Teachers are always pleased to advise and assist parents in supporting children with their Mathematics.

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