Sports Premium 2018/19

 Supply and Installation of Junior Multi-Use Games Area - £7,419 (excluding donation of £1500 by Friends of Briary)

Bouldering Mats - £2,135

Sports Partnership Package with Herne Bay High School - £12,000

Netball Posts & Balls- £412.43

Gym Club - £120

Total Expenditure - £22,086.43         Sports Premium Allocation - £19490

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sports premium spend 2018 19


At Briary, children have swimming lessons while in Year One. Following advice from our swimming coach and the local pool, children have a hours swimming lesson every week for three terms - one class will go swimming in terms 1-3 and the other in terms 4-6. By maintaining regular lessons over a longer period of time, there are fewer non-swimmers going into Year Two.

Of our Year 6 children, 64% are proficient over 25 metres or more; 66% can use a variety of strokes. 69% can tread water or perform self-rescue.

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