PE & Sports Premium

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At Briary, children have swimming lessons while in Year One. Following advice from our swimming coach and the local pool, children have a hours swimming lesson every week for three terms - one class will go swimming in terms 1-3 and the other in terms 4-6. By maintaining regular lessons over a longer period of time, there are fewer non-swimmers going into Year Two.

Due to pool closures since March 2020, not all of our Year One were able to complete their programme of swimming; we will recommence these for this cohort as soon as we can as well as any other children,  joining the school after Year One, that hadn't been swimming at their previous school. 

Year 1 Swimming 2019-2020

Of our Year 6 children in 2018, 64% were proficient over 25 metres or more; 66% could use a variety of strokes. 69% could tread water or perform self-rescue.

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