Our Aims and Ethos

Great Opportunities, great Achievements, great Learning = a great School

Through our great staff   –   Briary believes in setting and getting GOALS and, as a result, widening horizons and raising aspirations

During the Ofsted inspection in January 2018, inspectors commented on the "strongly positive ethos" which they found throughout the school and applauded the way in which the children exemplify the school's values: "They show perseverance, kindness and collaboration. They take pride in their achievements."

We really value the good relationships we have with our parents. We  believe that when your child is happy and enjoying school they can achieve their potential. We do everything we can to make our school a place where every parent wants their child to be: safe, secure, valued, enjoying learning and, through exposure to a broad curriculum and excellent teaching, experiencing the feeling of success.

One of our GOALS is to develop a ‘growth mindset and positive attitude to learning’ in all our children, so that they never place limits on their potential.

Parent Surveys consistently reveal that their children feel safe, happy, well looked after, and make good progress:

In the latest Parent Survey (Nov, 2017):

99.6% said my child feels safe

99.6% said my child is happy

99.2% said my child is well looked after

99.2% said my child is taught well / makes good progress


Parents, Pupils and Staff say:

The Parent Forum – commented and agreed that “staff are great”.

Parents surveyed during a parent evening said:

“My children really like it here”   “My child’s happy here, therefore I’m happy”

“X is a wonderful teacher, my child loves them”   “My child is doing really well”


The School Council said:

“Briary is a great school because the staff are a great team – they’re

thoughtful, helpful, friendly, are great coaches, caring, listen to both sides,

and staff provide fun things to do in clubs, and promote fun ways for us to learn.”

“We make great friends here”


The School Staff said:

“We want the school to be great – to succeed in all that it does.  Staff are supportive, caring – putting child’s needs first, work as a team supporting each other, friendly and approachable, resolve issues, they go the extra mile and are dedicated. We provide great opportunities and learning, promote achievement and every child’s full potential whilst addressing individual needs  and wellbeing.”


Of school they say:

“We have some great resources and great children and families, and children enjoy school, build confidence, support each otherm and are friendly and happy.”

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