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The Briary Curriculum

"Widening Horizons, Raising Expectations"

At Briary Primary School, our aim for our children, at the end of their time with us, is to send them off to make the next step in their learning as happy individuals. A happy learner is one who has positive self-esteem and the confidence to take on challenges with the resilience to see them through; the ability to solve problems and find the means to discover solutions for themselves with the understanding that mistakes are opportunities to both learn and grow.

We achieve this through providing them with a rich curriculum which can be adapted to meet the needs of the children . We aim to foster their happiness through developing their self-esteem and confidence within an environment in which the ethos is built upon firm foundations of some key characteristics:

Our intent is to widen horizons and develop cultural capital by providing a wealth of opportunities and setting high expectations in terms of achievements, personal development, behaviour and attitudes.

Further information about the approach taken within National Curriculum subjects can be found within the links under this tab or by contacting a member of the Senior Leadership Team.