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Online Safety for Adults

What can I do right now?
Conversation Starters for Parents and Carers:
Children, ICT and E-Safety
Think then Click:   

Understanding your child's online life - a leaflet published by Parent Zone (the official parents’ representative on the UK Council for Child Internet Safety and chairs the UKCISS Digital Resilience working group).

  • Parent info - for support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online from Parent Zone

Guide to the internet (Created by CEOP)

Find out all about CEOP here

Introduction to Online Safety – For a great introduction to the big wide world of technology our children are now a part of. Please read.

Advice – All about identity theft, protecting passwords and keeping your child safe

Advice for Parents & Carers – A great document for all parents and carers is this advice from the Department for Education

Net-aware - for support for parents and careers from the NSPCC

Internet matters - for support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online

UK Safer Internet Centre – Advice for Parents and Carers

Childnet Parent-Factsheet– Information and online resources from Childnet : this includes information on Childnet resources and websites, parental controls and filtering, computer protection and security, social networking, file sharing and downloading, search engines and where to report.

Advice for Adoptive parents and social workers – This website contains information for foster carers, adoptive parents and social workers, and includes some interviews with people already in that position.

The history and impact of ICT is studied at some secondary schools, so this BBC bitesize page is ideal to learn about the Online Safety side of it.

Cyber bullying – To understand what it is and how we can deal with it

Brilliant advice for all parents – or (here you can download the Click CEOP browser safety tool for free) or visit Childline – or call 0800 1111

Social Media Sites Safety Advice







If you or anyone at home comes across an indecent image of a child or criminally obscene adult images, report it here

This subject generally has nothing to do with Online Safety, but online bullying can lead to eating disorders, which are a sensitive subject. However, if you know anyone who may suffer, do consult a doctor but also visit for more information and support.

Internet Slang

POS stands for Parent over shoulder

WYRN stands for What’s your real name?

Asl stands for Age / Sex (gender)/ Location?

Brb stands for Be right back