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British Values at Briary

Rule of Law

Through discussion and agreement, children at Briary decide upon their class rules. They understand that by following these, and the wider school rules, life at Briary can be happy and harmonious. They know how and why we need to behave in school and beyond.

Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

Through their learning in RE and PSHE, our children are able to talk about different faiths and cultures; they ask questions about, and show tolerance and respect of, other faiths and religions.

british values with background

Mutual Respect

Much of our learning in school centres around this fundamental value. Children at Briary begin by learning about self-respect, and then go onto to learning how we show respect for our family, our friends and our community.  Children also learn about how we can show respect for the world, its people and our environment.

Individual Liberty

Our teaching and learning places value on the right to have our own thoughts, views and opinions whilst recognising that others have a similar right. Children are strongly encouraged to be independent; to think for themselves, and to express that opinion politely and with respect. As they journey through the school, they learn to understand that with rights comes the need to accept responsibility for their


Democracy is a value that children meet when discussing fairness and respect. Children at Briary see democracy demonstrated in a wide variety of ways; they view it as an essential part  of teamwork. Our children work in pairs and small groups as well as in whole-class situations. They are able to take turns and listen to others’ points of view.