Breakfast & After School Club

This provides out of hours care for children every school day from 7.50am until 8.50am, from 3.00pm until 5.10pm. When possible and where demand dictates we also run a holiday playscheme.

The Breakfast Club is run by Carol Antink  and the After School Club is  run by Mandy Brookes – both of whom are familiar faces for many of the children at school. They each have the Advanced Certificate in Playwork and are friendly, approachable and caring.

The Club uses one building, which was officially opened by the Sheriff of Canterbury, Michael Street Williams and was redecorated by local artist Rob Turner as well as some of the facilities in the main school building.

We provide 16 places for breakfast club and 24 places for children after school each day. The building is fully equipped with such things as a football table,Wii, cooker (for when children make pizzas!!) and lots more. Our numbers reflect parental demand, so it is always worth asking if we have spaces.

Our aim is to provide a stimulating, happy, relaxed club where your child can socialise in a safe environment and enjoy activities that may not be easily accessible at home. Whilst we have a daily programme of activities, no child is forced to do these activities. They are on offer but many children, after spending the day working hard at school, just prefer to play, make their own crafts, play games, football or even tennis and frisbee. The choice is up to them.

We operate every day during term time, and for some Briary Primary School Staff Development Days. Our policies are tied into those of the school, as the Governors and Headteacher have responsibility for the clubs.

Holiday Club is run for a number of days during the school holidays for Briary Primary School pupils but is dependant on a minimum number of children attending. 

Our Club Rules

So that all our members can enjoy themselves, we ask them to follow 5 SIMPLE RULES, which reflect the School’s rules:-

  • We will respect each other
  • We will move quietly and safely around the Club
  • We will look after our Club
  • We will be quick to praise and help each other
  • We will sort out our problems peacefully

We do require the behaviour of the children to be of an acceptable standard. They must safeguard their own and others’ safety at all times and if asked to stop an activity, which is deemed dangerous, they must do so immediately. Children are expected to treat the equipment with respect. The Club reserves the right to recover the cost of deliberate damage. When on outings we expect children, for their own safety, to follow instructions, walk in an orderly manner and not show off or mess around, endangering their own or others’ well being.

Guidelines for Parents/Carers


Breakfast Club: 7.50am- 8.50am
School Club: 3.00pm - 5.10pm 
Holiday Club: 9.00am- 5.00pm


Breakfast Club: £3.50 per session
After-School Club: £6.00 per session (includes refreshments and all materials).
Holiday Club: £20.00 per session

Adhoc Payments – £7.00 ASC/£4.50 BC

Fees are payable in advance and are invoiced on a termly basis. Further details can be found on our Payment of Fees policy.


If a child is absent other than through confinement in hospital, or a school activity such as sport or a trip, full charges are payable as costs still have to be met.


Can parents please ensure that when they are dropping children off to the Breakfast Club, they do drop them to the door and hand over. This is to ensure the safe arrival of the children. Please do not use the Staff Car Park as it can get very congested with staff arriving for work.


Children should be collected no later than 5.10pm by an authorised adult. Parents wishing their child to return home alone, must notify us in writing. A charge of £2 per 15 minutes will be made for children collected late.


We recommend parents whose children suffer from asthma, send in their child’s volumetric inhaler on the day the child attends the Club.

All enquiries should be addressed to the Briary School Club or via Mrs Leman in the School Office (01227 373095).

If you’d like to come and see the Club at work, please give us a call and make an appointment you’d be most welcome.

Application Forms can be obtained from Briary School Office.

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