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Meet the Staff

 Senior Leadership Team

Mrs K Espley - Headteacher

 Mrs T Cripps - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs A Burkitt - Assistant Head

Mrs F Gallimore - SENCo/Inclusion

Miss S Grange - Lead DSL/Family Liaison Officer

Mrs S Sheppard - School Business Manager

Year Group Class name Class teacher
Reception Elmer

Mrs. Burkitt

Mrs. Dordoy (Teacher Trainee)

Paddington Mr. Bennett
Additional adults in Early Years: Mrs. Kelly, Mrs Davey, Miss Sonnex (on maternity leave)
Y1 Carle Miss Macdonald-Smith
Jeffers Mrs. Tyler
Y2 Donaldson Miss Muir
Rosen Miss Durrant
Additional adults in Key Stage One: Miss Brown, Miss Lukehurst, Mrs Tiley and Mrs Knox
Y3/4 Kusama Mrs. James
Y3 Picasso Miss Clark
Y4 Morris Mr. Cave
Additional adults in lower Key Stage Two: Mr. Deer, Mrs. Harvey, Mrs. Potter
Y5 Curie Mrs. Travers
Y6 Darwin Mr. Stanley
Franklin Miss Turner
Additional adults in lower Key Stage Two: Mr. Martin, Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Perry, Mrs Scotto
Pastoral Support Team Mrs Sexton and Mrs Moat
Speech & Language Mrs. Wotton