Year 5

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 It's all Greek in Year 5!

Over half term, Year 5 busily crafted and built amazing Trojan horses. IMG 2007 Copy
With hidden trap doors, impressive wooden craftsmanship and even lego, the children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about how the Trojan War begun. Year five even took to the school field where they re-enacted various events; some stood proud as King Menelaus with his hungry army whilst the ‘Greeks’ sat silently still waiting for Odysseus’ cunning plan to start.
As part of our topic, we welcomed ‘The Living History Workshop’ to our school on Thursday 8th June. The day was enjoyed by everyone (including the adults) – the children witnessed what life would have been like in the hustle and bustle of the Athenian market, marched to the Parthenon to worship Athena, trained as part of the Spartan Army and even experienced their first Olympic games.

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Year 5 had a very busy week towards the end of Term 1. Not only did they have a visit from Ark Animal Encounters, they also had Restart a Heart training. On Tuesday, Ark Animal Encounters brought in a range of animals for the children to see and even touch – some were even lucky enough to hold them. They learn about the different groups of animals and saw examples from each. They loved the snakes and of course Alex the meerkat. On Thursday the children had training from SECAmb (South East Coast Ambulance Service). They were taught how to put an unconscious person in the recovery position and how to restart a heart using chest compressions. Although it was a very serious topic, fun was had by all.


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