Understanding Creative Arts


Briary School aims to draw children’s attention to the purpose, challenge and enjoyment of art, craft and design, whilst fostering an awareness of art history and an appreciation of art from our own and other cultures.

We provide opportunities to develop creative and technical skills, enabling the child to use and understand visual communications with confidence by looking closely, recording and analysing aspects of their world.

Art, craft and design play a part in the whole curriculum and enhance learning in other subject areas. The use of vibrant and imaginative displays, creates a lively and stimulating learning environment, whilst involvement in local community art projects, art clubs, visiting artists and competition entries foster links with the wider world and enables the child to learn about the impact that art makes on society and the environment.

In Art pupils will be taught to use materials, tools and techniques in accordance with health and safety requirements. Children will be given opportunities to undertake a balanced programme of art, craft and design activities that can be built upon progressively through each year group and which take into account previous achievements, abilities and styles, providing opportunities to use a range of media including ICT.


Briary School aims to extend and deepen children’s responses to music through listening, performing and composing activities. The school is fortunate to have a well equipped music studio and expert staff.

Performance is an important part of the music curriculum and singing is fundamental to class music-making. Children are also encouraged to perform individually, in groups and as a class, often in the context of a class assembly. Music is often used to enrich and extend the teaching of other subjects.

After-school clubs prove popular and have included choir, African drumming and recorders. The Christmas, Easter and Summer productions are highlights of the year and involve all children. A thriving choir participates in both local schools and community events. Instrumental tuition (both individual or group) is available for which a charge is made. Recorder, drums, keyboard and guitar currently are the most popular.


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