When you come to the School

We take our responsibility for safety very seriously, so we ask everyone to observe the following please:-

  • Please don’t drive into the school car park unless you are disabled; there’s not the room and we want to keep cars away from children!
  • Please remember not to stop on the zig zags outside the school gates; it’s an offence which carries a fixed penalty of £60 plus 3 points on your driving license. Please do not park on junctions, or pavements, or across private driveways.
  • Please use the pavements, and hold toddlers’ hands.
  • If you visit the school for any reasons, it’s essential to always call at the school office, so we know who’s on site. Not only for safety, but also for fire regulations!
  • If you come to meet your child at the end of the day, please wait on the playground near the gates, or near the children’s classroom doors, from 3pm. Please keep toddlers at your side!
  • If you wish your child to walk home alone, please do make sure you let his or her teacher know, in writing.
  • Dogs and smoking are not permitted in the school grounds, including the car park, and waiting area.
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