Personal Possessions

Children are not allowed to bring toys and other personal belongings to school. This is because they tend to get swapped, lost or broken and end up causing upset!

However, children in the Juniors are allowed to wear watches to school but must remove them for PE. Found clothing is returned if it is named. So we ask parents to name everything and encourage their children to take care of their personal possessions.


No jewellery is to be worn to school except ear studs. We ask that these be removed for P.E. ideally at home. Staff are not able to remove them for a child. If it is impossible to remove them, please provide micropore tape to cover them. If earrings are not removed by the parents/ carers then we deem this to be their responsibility should any accident occur.


We do not accept cash in the school office. All payments for school lunches and trips etc should be made via ParentMail where parents and carers can also give consent for their child(ren) to attend events and workshops etc. ParentMail is available as an app as well as via their website . Please ask at the Office should you need assistance setting this up. 

On Charity Days and for a small number of daytime Friends' events it may be necessary for children to bring a small amount of cash to school - on these occasions please ensure it is in a named purse or sealed, named envelope.

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