Anti-Bullying at Briary

During the first two days of Term 2, the children had a variety of workshops on the theme of ‘No Outsiders at Briary’ with a particular focus on disability awareness and anti-bullying.

Bullying, both verbal and physical, will not be tolerated in this school. In our school children have a right to feel welcome, safe and happy. In our school we will not tolerate any unkind actions or remarks even if these were not intended to hurt.

The workshops aimed to raise the children’s awareness of bullying behaviour, how to deal with it and how to prevent it happening.

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Mr McDonagh followed the workshop up with an assembly focused on anti-bullying. He showed them the short film called “You can Stop Bullying” which ends on Day 3 but asked the children what they would have for Day 4. Some of the children from year 5 made a version of Day 4 with Mrs Murrell which can be found here. The children thought it was important to look after their friends but also to work with the ‘bullies’ so that everyone can get on and be happy.

To further the children’s understanding and awareness of disability, we were visited by John McCorkell.

Mr McCorkell,  led assemblies in which he explained to the children about the nature of his disabilities, the problems he has faced and the successes he has achieved in overcoming them, including playing wheelchair basketball at the Paralympics and gaining a degree from university.

Mr McCorkell continued his day by leading a workshops  enabling the children to focus in more depth on the issues begun in assembly at their level. The children took part in practical activities which gave them some understanding of what it might be like to be without sight or speech, experienced using a wheelchair, learned about sign language and the need for clear communication.

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