Recycling and Environmental Issues

At Briary, we take these issues very seriously. Our school roof has solar panels all across it!

We encourage the children to develop an awareness of environmental issues, through action as well as thought and attitude. We have produced a plan to show how we will improve the school grounds, as a teaching resource and recreation area. We organise Action Days when parents and friends can join staff in carrying out small improvement projects.

As part of our policy of encouraging care for the environment, we recycle our own waste paper, card and plastic. We also collect the following:-

Used postage stamps
Empty drink cans

Cans are sold and all money raised is used for improvements. We also collect all vouchers issued from time to time by supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsbury’s, various newspapers and food manufacturers. These are exchanged for such things as computer hardware, PE equipment and books.


Recycle the following items:

  • paper
  • cans
  • school uniform
  • printer ink cartridges
  • mobile phones
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