Term Dates 2022 - 2023

  Start End
1 Monday 5th September, 2022 Wednesday 19th October, 2022
2 Monday 31st October, 2022 Friday 16th December 2022
3 Tuesday 3rd January 2023 Friday 10th February 2023
4 Monday 20th   February 2023 Friday 31st March 2023
5 Monday 17th April 2023 Friday 26th May 2023
6 Tuesday 6th June 2023 Friday 21st July 2023
Staff Development Days

These are days for staff continuous professional development; often they take place at Briary, in which case school will be open, but on other occasions they may be held at one of the other Trust schools. School is not open for children to attend.

Dates for next academic year are:

Thursday 1st September, 2022

Friday 2nd September, 2022

Thursday 20th October, 2022

Friday 21st October, 2022

Monday 5th June, 2023

Bank Holidays in term time

Monday 1st May, 2023 (school closed)

Monday 9th May, 2023 (school closed)

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