Personal Possessions

Children are not allowed to bring toys and other personal belongings to school. This is because they tend to get swapped, lost or broken and end up causing grief!

However, children in the Juniors are allowed to wear watches to school but must remove them for PE. Found clothing is returned if it is named. So we ask parents to name everything and encourage their children to take care of their personal possessions.


No jewellery is to be worn to school except ear studs, these should not be worn for P.E. but it is not staff’s responsibility to remove them. If tape is provided by the parents then we deem this to be their responsibility should any accident occur.


Children must not bring money to school please, unless it’s dinner money, or has been requested for a particular purpose, in which case it should be in a sealed envelope, with the child’s name, class, the amount enclosed and the purpose for which it’s intended written on the outside. Money for the school shop should be handed to the teacher for safe-keeping at the beginning of the school day.

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