Consultation on possible reduction to Published Admission Number (PAN)

15th December 2017

Consultation on a proposed reduction in the Published Admission Number (PAN) for Briary Primary School with effect from September 2019.


The current Published Admission Number (PAN) for Briary Primary School is 60. This means that the number of children admitted into the school in reception in each year is a maximum of 60.

The school is in an area of surplus Reception year places and as a result the Governing Body of Briary Primary School would like to reduce the Published Admission Number from 60 to 30 places in Reception.

Although the Regulations and Code of Practice relating to school admissions no longer require an admissions authority to consult when maintain or increasing a school’s PAN, there remains a requirement to consult when the proposal is to reduce a PAN. The Governing Body of Briary Primary School, as the admissions authority, is seeking comments on the proposed change.

Specific Proposal

The Governing Body of Briary Primary School propose to reduce the published admission number of Briary Primary School from 60 to 30 with effect from September 2019.

This means that the number of places available for children in Reception in 2019 and all subsequent Reception cohorts – will be 30. For children who already have a place at the school in other year groups there will be no change.

This is the only proposed change to the admission criteria, all other criteria, including oversubscription, will remain the same. Briary Primary School continue to follow the KCC Admissions Criteria.

Factors that have been considered by the Governing Body of Briary Primary School in deciding to consult on this proposal include:-

Herne Bay and Whitstable are experiencing a fall in the amount for school places and the Local Authority have informed the school that there will be a surplus of Reception year school places in these areas through the next four years.

The new funding formula is very much determined by the number of pupils attending the school and therefore to staff a two-form entry based on the numbers we are anticipating will not be sustainable. For that reason only, it is proposed that from September 2019 Briary Primary School becomes a single form entry Reception year and the PAN is adjusted annually accordingly.

The overall trend in Kent remains for an increase in pupil numbers and the building of new homes in Herne Bay may affect the requirement for school places, and should it be found that a two-form entry Reception year is viable or necessary, the school can easily and immediately convert back without a further consultation.

Who is Consulted?

This consultation is for the attention of:-

  • All parents/carers of children at the school
  • The Local Authority Admission Team
  • All other admission authorities in the locality – (Governing Bodies of Aided, Foundation and Academy Schools)
  • Church Dioceses – as some of the schools within CACoT are Church of England and Catholic
  • All Primary Schools in the locality
  • Feeder nursery/pre-schools
  • Children’s Centre in the locality

How to Respond

This consultation will run from 15th December 2017 to 31st January 2018 and you are invited to submit comments in writing about the proposal above to Anna Webber, Chair of Governors c/o Briary Primary School, Greenhill Road West, Herne Bay, Kent CT6 7RS by 3pm on 31st January 2018 or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please mark the subject “Briary Primary School PAN Consultation”. Representations received after this specified time and date will not be considered. Following the consultation period, the Governing Body will consider all comments received and determine admission arrangements for 2019 by 28th February 2018.

Proposed Admission Arrangements 2019
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