Briary Primary School - Good in ALL Areas

Following a visit from an  inspection team at the end of January, Ofsted have now published their findings and have judged the school to be good in all areas. The inspectors noted the "impressive rate" at which the school is being moved forward by leaders. They also commented on the "strongly positive ethos" which they found throughout the school and applauded the way in which the children exemplify the school's values: "They show perseverance, kindness and collaboration. They take pride in their achievements." 

Headteacher, Mr Ray McDonagh said, "We are very pleased with the comments from the Ofsted team. They particularly mentioned the pupils' supportive and collaborative attitudes, both to one another and to learning, which was a real-life demonstration of our ethos.

We continue to develop our vision and our school, and look forward to future challenges."

The full report can be found here: Ofsted Report 2018

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