Year 5 Trip to Chatham Dockyard

“We had a great day at the Dockyard.  My favourite part was when we went onto HMS Ocelot because we had to swing through the tiny hatches” – Iustin .
“I really enjoyed going on the HMS Cavalier even though it was really small inside.  I learnt lots of facts about the ship and what it would have been like to serve on it” – Evie.

On Tuesday 28th February, Year 5 visited Chatham Dockyards as part of our previous topic on Shackleton’s Expedition – it helped us imagine how Shackleton and his crew would have felt about the cramped and crowded living conditions.

We also discussed how the weather would have affected both the crew and the boat. We climbed down into the HMS Ocelot, a naval submarine, where we had to move through circular hatches into each chamber of the submarine. We even got to peep through the periscope and spy on the land above us!

We went to the Ropery building where we manoeuvred the machines and bound together hemp to make our very own rope – we got a piece each to take away as well as a skipping rope for the playground! Aboard the HMS Cavalier, we sat on Captain’s deck and rang the bell to alert workers and on HMS Gannet we run aboard deck, climbing the ladders and discussed how it protected trading ships during the British Empire.
“I’ve only been on the submarine but I could quite happily already go home – that was cool enough” Logan
“I can’t believe that 63 men used to be able to sleep inside this small submarine – it is so narrow!” Isabelle

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