Year 2

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 Year 2 - Books

We will be focusing on traditional tales. Our main text, ‘The Jolly Postman’ by Allan Ahlberg, is a fabulous story which will inspire the children to write letters, postcards and books of their own. As part of our topic, we hope to plan a trip into town to visit the local library and book shop - more details to follow. We will also set up a ‘Flat Stanley’ project, which will be ongoing for the whole year and will involve postcards being sent to the children (from Flat Stanley) from many places in the U.K. and further abroad. Again, more details to follow. In maths, we will focus on the place value of two-digit numbers (tens and ones), adding a one-digit number to a two-digit number, subtraction from two-digit numbers. Our science unit is ‘Animals, including Humans’ and in PSHE, we will consider feelings and relationships. For RE, we will learn about stories Jesus told.


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